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ProgenyHealth Mission Statement

With passion and a singular focus, we improve the health outcomes of premature and medically complex newborns through provider collaboration and parental engagement.

What is the ProgenyHealth Difference?

Exceptional Clinical Expertise

We are neonatologists, pediatricians and NICU nurses with a deep understanding of the latest evidence-based protocols needed to manage the care of medically complex newborns.

Replicating our knowledge base would be a challenge.

Outstanding member experience

We stay connected with the family through the first year of life – advising, educating and supporting them 24/7.

Families tell us we are their clinical and emotional life line.

Strong financial performance
Every year, every client

We deliver a positive return on investment, through measurable improvements in population health while ensuring effective and efficient use of resources.

Babies go home healthier and sooner.

Digital footprint

Our patient-centric EHR, Baby Trax®, connects our clients and providers to our team. The result is seamless care coordination, compliance, and performance reporting.

We create a digital footprint of the patient’s journey from birth to the first birthday.