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LaTonya Hammond
Clinical Business Analyst
“I enjoy being a part of the ProgenyHealth IT Team and helping to gather, clarify and document requirements for projects to improve user experiences and efficiencies.  As a mother myself, it is exciting to be a part of a company with such a heartfelt mission and vision that I can stand behind.”  
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Melissa Thompson
Nurse Case Manager
“It’s extremely rewarding to see the progression these babies make in a year.  To go from being a tiny baby that can fit in the palm of your hand to the milestones they achieve in their first year is incredibly gratifying.”
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Jennifer McGlone
Manager of Client Service
“The best part about my job are the relationships I build with our clients. I love working with people and enjoy my role in making our partnerships run smoothly.”
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Dr. Steven Richardson
Chief Medical Officer
“I was drawn to ProgenyHealth because of Dr. Stang’s unique model that proactively helps and supports families needing assistance, during what can be a very difficult time.  It resonated with me as a model for 21st century healthcare delivery.”
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Marcia Wasserman
Director of Strategic Accounts
“NICU babies represent the top 1% of utilizers to health plans.  Payers benefit from specialized programs, like ProgenyHealth’s, to manage that risk.”
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Jodie Kent
Social Work Case Manager
“I work to empower mothers so they feel confident in caring for their baby.”
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Gina Arnold
Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services
“It has been truly exciting to see the tremendous growth and transformation of the company.”
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Rachel Stoicsitz
Senior Coordinator, Training and Education
“I love training people and being there to experience that “light bulb” moment; that moment of sudden realization when everything clicks and they understand what I’ve been covering during training.”
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Stephanie Isaac
Utilization Management Associate
“I am very fortunate to be a part of this great team of nurses where we all look out for one another and make sure we’re meeting the needs of our clients and their providers.”
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Jackie Porter
Clinical Care Nurse & Team Lead
“I enjoy interacting with our clients and their providers. Over the years, I’ve developed strong relationships with our clients and my counterparts in the different hospitals.”
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Jack Phillips
Software Development Supervisor
“As a member of the Software Development team, I love the challenges that we face every day and I like seeing how we can use technology to drive efficiencies in our environment.”
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Lisa Naessens
Case Management Associate
“I really enjoy interacting with the moms, hospitals, discharge planners, social workers and doctor’s offices about how we can provide the best care and support for these NICU babies and their families.”
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