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Dr. Steven Richardson
Chief Medical Officer

dr. richardson


“I was drawn to ProgenyHealth because of Dr. Stang’s unique model that proactively helps and supports families needing assistance, during what can be a very difficult time.  It resonated with me as a model for 21st century healthcare delivery.”



As the Chief Medical Officer at ProgenyHealth, Dr. Steven Richardson oversees our clinical operation and is responsible for the improvement of the medical services and outcomes we provide to our client’s most fragile members.  In addition, he works closely with our CEO, Dr. Stang, to identify potential opportunities to expand our business.

Dr. Richardson, a Board Certified Physician in Preventive Medicine, has over fourteen years of experience working in multiple payer organizations including Aetna, Prudential, and United Healthcare, holding various leadership positions, including Lead Medical Director and CMO.  Prior to joining ProgenyHealth, Dr. Richardson was the Medical Director at a medical management company that ran one of the country’s largest Medicare ACO’s.

In Dr. Richardson’s spare time he enjoys reading, international travel, fine dining and spending time with his beautiful grandkids.