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Living Our Core Values Every Day

February 2016 Blog, The Business of Health Care Comments Off on Living Our Core Values Every Day

As we begin the New Year and make our own resolutions, it’s a fitting time to revisit how your company’s core values present themselves through your work. ProgenyHealth’s core values are essential to the company, as our culture, brand, and business strategies are all grounded in these themes. ProgenyHealth’s eight core values are reflected in each and every one of our employees who live Progeny’s mission every day. In order to provide the highest quality programs, we recruit and work to develop and retain a highly skilled staff. We hire the best, experienced individuals who are specialists in their field. Here’s a story highlighting our values and practice:

Grace is a ProgenyHealth Case Manager (CM) who came to us from a regional hospital with twelve years of experience working in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU). Her onboarding with us included training on ethics as well as education on methods to build collaborative relationships. With her extensive experience and background, she was an excellent choice for one of our teams that manages drug dependent babies. Her high level of engagement with drug dependent moms was built upon her respect for their individual challenges and desire to help their babies. Moms value our innovative program that help get babies home sooner through advance protocols and evidence-based best practices.

The healthcare environment and the needs of our population are continually changing. We ensure our staff is proficient in meeting our customer’s needs and the needs of the babies and families in which we serve. Many of the moms that Grace works with have their own set of challenges impacting care to their newborn. The obstacles can range from transportation issues to struggles with breastfeeding when apart from their baby. To address these respective challenges, Grace connects the moms with local transportation resources and brings in our lactation consultant. Working as a team, Grace collaborates and develops strong relationships with providers, physicians, social workers, pediatricians, specialists, and local agencies to ensure that each infant is receiving the necessary services.

In order to be an effective CM, Grace needs to be flexible and amenable to the requests and concerns of the families we support. One recent mom expressed uneasiness with her babies’ original primary care physician and indicated that she wanted to switch practices because she felt they were not responsive to her infants’ needs. Grace contacted the PCP to advocate for the mother and help resolve the communication issues. The mom changed her PCP and had similar complaints, even expressing that she wanted to switch back to her original doctor. On behalf of the mother, Grace contacted the new practice on numerous occasions to share the mother’s concerns with the staff and gather more information from them regarding the babies’ progress and treatment plan. In her role, Grace supports and empowers the mother, making her better equipped to care for her baby.

You can’t manage what you can’t measure so we continually evaluate whether we are meeting our goals and business commitments. Grace has contributed to our high engagement rate of 73% of moms enrolled in our case management program. She is also helping our clients meet their HEDIS goals for PCP and immunizations through the first year of life.

Integrity. Excellence. Respect. Innovation. Teamwork. Flexibility. Evaluation.

These core values are evident every day in our passionate team, who are dedicated to improving the health and well-being of the next generation.

About Our Author:

Gina Arnold, Director of Human Resources, has been with ProgenyHealth for eight years and oversees the development and implementation of comprehensive human resource functions. She is an accomplished Human Resources professional with 20 plus years of HR experience within various industries, including healthcare. She holds an MBA from Drexel University and two HR certifications.