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Melissa Thompson
Nurse Case Manager

Melissa Thompson

“It’s extremely rewarding to see the progression these babies make in a year.  To go from being a tiny baby that can fit in the palm of your hand to the milestones they achieve in their first year is incredibly gratifying.”


As a Nurse Case Manager and Team Lead of one of our long-standing clients, Melissa Thompson manages the care of NICU babies for the first year of their life.  She particularly enjoys developing relationships with moms so they feel comfortable contacting her with any questions or concerns they may have about their baby.  Melissa loves working with families of NICU babies and empowering them to take part in their child’s care.

Melissa finds comfort knowing that once families transition back to the health plan, after the baby turns one, she doesn’t have to worry because they have all the skills necessary to manage medical appointments, ask appropriate questions, and aren’t intimidated by the medical jargon often used by clinical staff.

Melissa has worked in the NICU and pediatric setting for seventeen years.  Prior to joining ProgenyHealth, she worked in managed care for a year, where she developed a passion for NICU case management.  Wanting to continue her case management work with NICU babies, she joined ProgenyHealth.

Outside of work, Melissa loves spending time with her growing family. She and her husband have three children and three grandchildren.  She appreciates living in the country where she enjoys horseback riding, reading, and sewing when time allows.