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ProgenyHealth’s services begin when an infant is born and continues until the child’s first birthday.

ProgenyHealth’s Neonatal Medical Management Services cover the baby’s inpatient and outpatient experience. We believe that caring for a NICU graduate doesn’t end with hospital discharge. It continues through the very important developmental milestones of the first year of life.

Our services combine Utilization Review with Care Management. Our team is field-trained and has a deep knowledge base of the latest medical protocols and care guidelines. ProgenyHealth partners with hospital staff to help NICU infants thrive throughout their first year of life and beyond. In addition our team works post-discharge to arrange community services and provide educational and emotional support to families.

The child’s family, providers, health plan and the ProgenyHealth Care Management team stay connected through Baby Trax®, an on-line patient-centric EHR which tracks all key data on the baby.

Our goal is to support providers and families so their babies achieve wellness and have a safe transition to home and continue to work to keep them connected to their health care providers and healthy through the entire first year.