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Stephanie Isaac
Utilization Management Associate

“I am very fortunate to be a part of this great team of nurses where we all look out for one another and make sure we’re meeting the needs of our clients and their providers.”

As a Utilization Management Associate (UMA), Stephanie helps to manage the daily workload of her team of six clinical care nurses. She distributes their caseloads each morning and is able to relieve them of the administrative part of their role so they can concentrate on the clinical aspect of their job. Stephanie helps them with intake, screening, and precertification of appropriate healthcare services. She is also responsible for assisting the nurses with clerical tasks associated with discharge planning and utilization review functions.

Stephanie has been with ProgenyHealth for a year and a half and has quickly become an asset to her team. Prior to joining ProgenyHealth, she owned her own small childcare business for several years. Before starting her own business, she worked at Independence Blue Cross for twenty years. Stephanie holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Administration from Saint Joseph’s University.

Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys spending time with her friends and family. Within the last few years, Stephanie has become a foster parent to six brothers; she’s in the process of adopting four of the boys and she has permanent legal custody of the oldest two brothers. She loves her new found family and finds great joy in helping to bring a positive influence in their lives. Anyone that meets Stephanie can tell that she has a big heart and always has a positive attitude. She has said that the boys have learned a lot from her and their new environment, but they have also taught her a lot too.