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Success Through People

March 2017 Blog Comments Off on Success Through People

ProgenyHealth has grown at lightning speed since 2014. In just over two years, our managed cases have increased dramatically, leading to staff growth of more than 55%. This need for identifying new resources quickly has helped us to fine tune our process, and we have become quite proficient in recruiting the right people. We’ve learned that making the right hiring choices minimizes our training time, enhances our culture, and reduces turnover. If we do this, the end result will be a better customer experience for our clients!

Another method to finding appropriate candidates is our in-depth, behavioral based interview during the hiring process. We seek to fully understand the candidate’s skills and abilities as well as educate the candidate on the position, our company and our culture. We strongly believe that recruiting is a mutual evaluation and finding the “right fit” is imperative for both the candidate and ProgenyHealth. Our extensive interviewing process gives the candidates an opportunity to honestly assess our organization through their interactions with multiple Progeny employees at various levels of the company.

Our employee-referral program has been extremely effective in finding appropriate candidates for our specialized positions.   The program has accounted for 25% of our hires. We’ve seen enhanced cultural fit, quicker ramp-up and overall high engagement with new candidates that were referred by employees.

In today’s market, it’s more than just finding a job, it’s finding the right job! Ensuring that our candidates have a clear vision of the job and who we are has helped us to retain them, as represented by a less than 5% turnover of our staff year over year. Recruiting practices that involve everyone in the organization, can lead to the hiring of talent whose personal values and work ethics line up with the culture and environment at ProgenyHealth.

It’s especially important to recruit highly skilled talent today, as the success of a company is dependent on the teams that are built. We hope that our best practices will create new ideas and perhaps new processes that help you build your best team.

About Our Authors:
Kelly Hagelauer is the Senior Recruiting Consultant at ProgenyHealth. She brings over 15 years of diverse HR Operations and Recruiting experience within complex, fast-paced environments of both Fortune 500 companies and small-mid sized Pharmaceutical and Managed Care organizations. She is also an active board member of Aidan’s Heart Foundation representing SouthEastern Pennsylvania.

Gina Arnold, Vice President of Human Resources and Support Services, has been with ProgenyHealth for nine years and oversees the development and implementation of comprehensive human resource functions. She is an accomplished Human Resources professional with 20 plus years of experience in HR within various industries, including healthcare. She holds an MBA from Drexel University and two HR certifications.