Process + Platform + People

Process + Platform + People

A comprehensive, proven process for Maternity and NICU Care Management

ProgenyHealth’s data-driven program begins upon a woman’s enrollment into our Maternity Care Management program. Members can be referred by their health plan, provider, or they can self-enroll through our dedicated app or by calling our team. All women complete a health assessment to risk-stratify the level of support they will need.

NICU patients come into the program upon their infant’s admission to the NICU and continue receiving care management up to the first year of the baby’s life. Our UM and CM team engages with the hospital care team shortly after the infant’s admission to the NICU. Our case managers work in close coordination with the utilization management team to proactively reach out to the family.

From conception through well baby deliveries or NICU admissions to discharge and beyond, the family works with a dedicated case manager at each stage who supports the infant, mothers, caregivers and families to ensure a safe transition home.

Our process/platform/and people provide a proactive, intentionally integrated, and effective approach.

ProgenyHealth: People, Process and Platform

A purpose-built technology platform

Baby TraxBaby Trax®, ProgenyHealth’s proprietary platform, was designed to meet the needs of moderate/high-risk pregnancies and medically complex infant care.  Our technology creates a digital footprint of the patient’s journey in our program, producing a single case record and information source accessible to all stakeholders.

Using Baby Trax, our Maternity and NICU nurses apply their knowledge while being prompted by AI logic at each step. Predictive analytics and diagnostic triggers enhance the application of guidelines and drive the development of structured yet customized care management plans.

The result is seamless care coordination, compliance, and analytics that inform action. Baby Trax also powers our Payment Validation & Assurance service that ensures accurate NICU claims reimbursement.

 Hitrust Certified
Is security a top priority for you? It is for ProgenyHealth. That’s why Baby Trax has received a HITRUST CSF v9.6.2 Risk-based, 2-year (r2) certification (Effective July 2023).

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Maternity App

Your members can receive personal health insights, track the progress of their pregnancy and appointments, and document health information from an easy-to-use maternity app. They can also create a birth plan to support their conception, pregnancy, and postpartum journeys.

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Baby Trax Mobile App

Engaging families is critical to achieving healthy outcomes for premature and medically complex infants. Our Baby Trax mobile app complements ProgenyHealth’s NICU case management services.

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Our Maternity and NICU Care Management Team – the people that power our engine

Our care management team includes board-certified obstetricians, neonatologists, pediatricians, maternity and NICU/pediatric nurses, nutrition coaches, lactation consultants, and social workers.

The team members collaborate to deliver customized care from conception through discharge and up to the first year of a baby’s life. ProgenyHealth’s team of 130+ clinical specialists work as an integrated unit. All of them bring deep career expertise to contribute to a coordinated continuum of Maternity and NICU care.

Our UM team collaborates for every NICU infant’s health

Should a NICU event occur, the ProgenyHealth UM team collaborates with NICU hospital staff to help standardize care — pursuing our mutual goal that each mom and infant receive the most appropriate support for their specific medical condition. The goal is for infants to come home healthy, at the right time, and with lower rate of readmissions to the hospital and ER.

Our Case Managers provide a lifeline for clinical and emotional support when families need it most

Moderate and high-risk pregnancies, pregnancies with SDoH issues, and raising a NICU infant can be stressful events for moms, caregivers, and families. Our Case Management team offers an array of telephonic and electronic support services from maternity/NICU/pediatric nurse case managers, social workers, lactation consultants, and nutrition coaches. The CM team reaches out to women during pregnancy and continues that support after discharge and postpartum. Should a NICU event occur, the CM team is actively involved in the NICU infant’s inpatient stay to assess needs and collaborate with OB/GYN practitioners, neonatology hospital staff, discharge planners, and families.

After discharge, each family is matched with a dedicated case manager who provides coordinated support up to the first year of life.

ProgenyHealth’s process, platform and people: an integrated solution, deliberately aligned to improve Maternity and NICU outcomes and reduce care costs.