What we deliver

What we deliver

Improve maternal and infant outcomes.
Reduce total cost-of-care.

We help manage all the variables that impact maternal and infant health, including premature and medically-complex births resulting in NICU admissions.  


Low-volume, high-cost cases

Health plans and large employers simply don’t have the economics of Maternity and NICU Care Management in their favor.


Appropriate leveling

Our evidence-based methodology and interventions help rebalance the billing level distribution to less costly days.


Above average length of stay

The national average for NICU length of stay is consistently rising and is now at 21 days…but not for our plan partners.


High readmission rates

70% of readmissions happen 30+ days after discharge. Our proven approach reduces readmission rates by over 50%.


Ensuring payment integrity

Avoid back-end audits and the pay-and-chase game, proactively.


Social determinants of health

Many factors influence outcomes outside the NICU. We've focused on these complex variables and the mother/infant dyad since day one.


Proving ROI for outsourced UM/CM

We bring a business case built on consistent, validated cost-savings and improved infant health outcomes.