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Consultancies / TPAs

What benefits can help employers reduce costs and improve care quality?

Your clients count on you to make good decisions about their healthcare benefit challenges. ProgenyHealth is a proven solution for managing one of their most costly types of claims.

ProgenyHealth: Working with Administrators

Who is ProgenyHealth?

We partner with health plans, employers, benefits consultancies, and third-party administrators to improve outcomes and reduce costs in the care of premature and medically complex infants.  

If you’re a leader of a benefits consultancy or third-party administrator, you may already know how costly NICU claims can be to employers. According to a recent Sun Life survey, an employer had a 19.6% chance of having a stop-loss claim related to short gestation or low birthweight.

Such complicated births are few relative to total claims that a payer handles, but they are often high in clinical complexity and result in high-cost claims – especially when specialized utilization management solutions are not in place.

Our integrated NICU UM and CM solution covers these infants from birth throughout the early, crucial months of life

ProgenyHealth’s comprehensive solution supports moms, caregivers, families and providers. We work collaboratively in developing a plan of care specific to the needs of each infant. Our solution is proven to reduce costs for payers in any payment environment.

ProgenyHealth is ready to partner with your consultancy or TPA right now.

Contact us now or download our services brochure to learn how we can reduce risks and improve infant health outcomes for your clients and the families they cover.

Latest Blog Post
ProgenyHealth has helped to reduce our ALOS, reduce outlier days, and keep our readmission rates low. Testimonials from our members are full of praise.
- Health Plan CMO
The value and benefit of ProgenyHealth to our members’ health and satisfaction alone is worth the cost.
- Health Plan CEO
Our medical management team worked closely with the experts at ProgenyHealth to deploy this integrated and very effective program. Their singular focus on NICU babies and their families was crucial to the program’s success, and especially vital in building a collaborative relationship with our providers. We’re very pleased with the outcomes of this initiative and the role it plays in our ongoing efforts to help members most at risk of developing serious chronic conditions.
- Dr. Michael Genord
Chief Medical Officer of Health Alliance Plan