ProgenyHealth Covering the Maternal Spectrum
Managing Maternal Health Milestones
From conception to birth – and beyond
ProgenyHealth: The Cost of Waiting
The Cost of Waiting
How Postponing the Decision to Outsource NICU Leaves Money on the Table
NICU cost containment in DRG environments
because we see what health plans may be missing

Improving health outcomes for NICU infants

with UM & CM dedicated to NICU
Reducing NICU claims costs
in any contract or payment environment
Payment assurance for complex newborn cases
with proactive validation for efficient, accurate claims cycle
ProgenyHealth Newborn

Managing maternal health milestones

Our solutions support your members from conception to birth and beyond.

ProgenyHealth Process

Customizable to your plan and population

We adapt our solution to your operations and workflows for fast, efficient onboarding.

ProgenyHealth Savings

Consistent, quantifiable cost savings and ROI

Our program is designed to reduce first-time c-sections and pre-term births or lower NICU spend.

ProgenyHealth Satisfaction

Outstanding member satisfaction

Families tell us that our Case Managers are their clinical and emotional lifeline.

ProgenyHealth Mom and Baby

Women, Infants & Families

Improving maternal and infant health outcomes, managing premature and medically complex infants, and helping caregivers in the first months of life

ProgenyHealth and Health Plans

Health Plans

Optimizing quality and reducing costs proactively within any payment environment

ProgenyHealth in the Office


Protecting employees and businesses from the exponential impact of complex preganancies and NICU cases

ProgenyHealth NICU Nurse


Aiding our frontline Obstetric and NICU care delivery colleagues with data and insights to drive better outcomes

Solving the NICU cost vs. quality-of-care challenge

For health plans or employers, the economics are the same: NICU cases are relatively rare, but often complex and very costly. Our singular focus on this population enables us to more effectively manage the variables that impact outcomes, including:

ProgenyHealth Leveling

Appropriate diagnosis,
NICU leveling, length-of-stay

ProgenyHealth Readmissions

Readmission rates & ER visits​

ProgenyHealth Payment Integrity

Payment Validation & Assurance

ProgenyHealth Social Determinants of Health

Social determinants of health​

How we do it

Our Maternity and NICU people are specialists. Our process and platform are purpose-built to empower our team with best practices and decision support.

All three pieces are essential. It’s an integrated and comprehensive solution that is designed to improve outcomes and reduce overall cost of care.

ProgenyHealth Program Overview
Nearly  1 K
NICU cases managed
provider contacts
cost savings roi
for health plans

ProgenyHealth Insights Blog

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A new action plan from ProgenyHealth focuses on the lasting impact of racism
and health disparities on infants and their mothers.

Plymouth Meeting, PA, June 14, 2021ProgenyHealth, LLC, a provider of comprehensive NICU care management for premature and medically complex newborns, today announced the release of a special industry report detailing how race and social determinants impact maternal and infant health.

Entitled An Unfair Fight – the comprehensive report highlights how racism relates to maternal and infant mortality rates and provides insights into how health inequities are driven beyond factors of social determinants of health. The report also urges immediate social action for health providers, health plans and policy makers.

“Though long overdue, our country is finally acknowledging a national crisis. There is a mountain of data that shows Black, Asian American, Pacific Islander, Native American, Alaska Native, and Latinx individuals are disproportionately likely to experience adverse health problems. Nowhere is this more evident than in maternal and infant health,” said Ellie Stang, MD, founder and CEO of ProgenyHealth.

 “An Unfair Fight” is currently available for download here.

About ProgenyHealth

ProgenyHealth, LLC, is the only national company dedicated exclusively to NICU Care Management — utilization management, case management and payment validation and assurance services. Our board certified neonatologists, pediatric intensivists, NICU/pediatric nurses, and social workers collaborate with providers on behalf of Medicaid and commercial health plans, as well as large employers, to ensure health care services follow evidence-based best practices and are medically necessary. We are a recognized expert in the care of newborns who have been diagnosed with neonatal abstinence syndrome at birth and solved for more than 12,000 social determinants of health issues in 2020. ProgenyHealth’s integrated program has proven effective in managing nearly 100,000 NICU cases, in over 1,400 hospitals, in all 50 states. We are measurably improving health outcomes for premature and medically complex newborns and delivering quantifiable cost savings to our partners. For more information, visit

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