Take an active approach to your members’ postpartum health

ProgenyHealth supports a “fourth trimester” – up to one full year post-delivery – to manage chronic conditions, offer breastfeeding support, screen for behavioral health issues, and support contraception planning during the postpartum period.


The postpartum period is a transformative phase following childbirth. Navigating the challenges during this time requires comprehensive support that extends beyond traditional maternity care. With studies showing that over 50% of maternal mortality occurs following childbirth, the postpartum period is a critical phase for mothers and infants.

Challenges of Postpartum:

The postpartum phase encompasses a wide range of physical, emotional, and logistical challenges. New mothers often face post-delivery hurdles such as depression, breastfeeding difficulties, and issues with transitioning back to work. These challenges underscore the need for a holistic, comprehensive approach to address the unique needs of each family – especially following a NICU admission.

Solving Postpartum Challenges:

ProgenyHealth’s Maternity and NICU Care Management program helps members manage complications, prevent readmissions, and receive up to 12 months of dedicated case management post-delivery to ensure a healthy start for every new family.

Going beyond conventional care, our Maternity and NICU case managers develop care plans that deliver a comprehensive suite of services:

  1. Health Screenings: Regular health screenings monitor and address postpartum health concerns ensuring a proactive approach to wellness.
  2. Lactation Support: Expert guidance and ongoing support for mothers foster a positive breastfeeding experience for both mother and child.
  3. Educational Resources: Our maternity mobile app offers a wealth of educational resources, development trackers, and to-do lists to empower families with the knowledge to confidently navigate this critical phase.
  4. Back to Work Support: Assistance for mothers transitioning back to work, addressing challenges, and providing support help to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  5. Social Determinants of Health: Focus on identifying, addressing, and solving the external factors improves the well-being of the whole family.

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