Securing social determinants of health

Securing social determinants of health

How to manage social determinants of health for Maternity and NICU families

From our very beginning, we’ve focused on these complex variables and the mother / infant dyad.


Everyone involved in managed care is familiar with social determinants of health (SDOH)

Food, baby supplies, shelter, safety; without each, women, infants, caregivers and families are less likely to thrive. Keeping these factors in clear focus is what we’ve done from day one.

Managing such a broad set of variables within an at-risk Maternity or NICU population is a daunting challenge for even the largest plans and employers.  That’s the challenge our founder, Dr. Ellen Stang, embraced from the start as core to ProgenyHealth’s mission and solutions.

Our Case Management (CM) team understands these social determinants of health and focuses on solving the broader problems of each family we serve.  Proactive, frequent outreach is key from early in a pregnancy through delivery and beyond. If a NICU event occurs, our CM works in close coordination with UM to contact the mother or family while the baby is still in the NICU. The dialogue continues via phone and secure text up to the first year of a baby’s life. And for Medicaid populations specifically, the support and connections to local resources that we provide are essential.

ProgenyHealth’s workflows have been continually refined to focus on these critical factors:

    • Our Needs Assessment includes questions about food insecurity, domestic violence, housing and baby needs (diapers, clothing, etc.).
    • Our new hire training of CMs includes in-depth review of SDOH impacting modern Maternity and NICU populations.
    • Our teams utilize geo-mapping tools that identify resources tailored to the infants’ and families’ needs.

Modern issues like COVID and opioid addiction are making the SDOH challenge exponentially more difficult.  But every day, we strive to help Maternity and NICU families address the problems that impact their daily lives. It isn’t easy, but it’s the right thing to do to live our core values and advance our mission of helping every woman, caregiver, infant and family achieve better outcomes.

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Progeny has been an outstanding partner. Their clinical expertise in the NICU arena has helped us to manage the care of these infants effectively, and they are completely committed to identifying and addressing the social determinants of health often found in this fragile population.
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