The ProgenyHealth story

The ProgenyHealth story

ProgenyHealth is celebrating more than 20 years of caring!

From humble beginnings managing NICU cases to a fully-integrated maternal and infant health approach, we’re proud to have supported hundreds of thousands of families.

We are transforming healthcare for women, caregivers, infants and families

Dr. Ellen Stang founded ProgenyHealth in 2003 to address the need for improved care management and health outcomes for premature and medically complex newborns. Through her leadership and inspiration, the company has grown steadily into an industry leader in Maternity and NICU Care Management.

Today, ProgenyHealth is a leader in deploying comprehensive, evidence-based Maternity and NICU Care Management services. We partner with the country’s most prestigious health plans to serve their maternity and NICU populations, collaborating with more than 1,400 facilities and 6,000 physicians nationwide to optimize care and lower overall costs. 

The origin of ProgenyHealth

After founding a pediatric practice in Bucks County, PA, where she practiced for almost a decade, Dr. Stang left private practice to devote her efforts to helping low-income families. Working as a pediatric medical director in a Medicaid managed-care plan in Philadelphia, Dr. Stang was responsible for the high-risk neonatal population via population health initiatives. In this role, she witnessed the fragmented support system for these infants and their families. Comprehensive case management programs that addressed social determinants of health were not part of individualized care plans. After discharge from the NICU, the lack of continuing care management resulted in high readmission rates. Dr. Stang decided to build a company that would address this problem.

Taking an entrepreneurial approach in an industry that is historically innovation-averse, Dr. Stang built ProgenyHealth from the ground up – literally starting the company in her basement. Dr. Stang knew that addressing the complex variables inherent to NICU cases was critical to patients’ success from day one. For this reason, ProgenyHealth helps moms, caregivers, and families secure the resources that are crucial for health.

In 2021, ProgenyHealth collaborated with clients in select markets to deliver a new end-to-end Maternity Care Management program for its members. This whole-person program brings our comprehensive data-driven approach to maternal and infant health with continuous, connected support from early identification of pregnancy, through birth and postpartum, and return to work. The program includes multi-modal engagement and management, risk-specific pathways and interventions, care management and navigation, and ongoing education and support groups.

ProgenyHealth now supports the entire continuum of maternity care – from conception up to the first year of an infant’s life.

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Progeny has been an outstanding partner. Their clinical expertise in the NICU arena has helped us to manage the care of these infants effectively, and they are completely committed to identifying and addressing the social determinants of health often found in this fragile population.
- Marge Angello, AmeriHealth Caritas’ Market President
ProgenyHealth has helped to reduce our ALOS, reduce outlier days, and keep our readmission rates low. Testimonials from our members are full of praise.
- Health Plan CMO
We’re very pleased with the outcomes of this initiative and the role it plays in our ongoing efforts to help members most at risk of developing serious chronic conditions.
- Dr. Michael Genord
Chief Executive Officer of Health Alliance Plan
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